We are a small Family of talented Designers and skilled Developers, working together since 2011. Our goal is to deliver unique projects that work and look beautiful.

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We create functional design, Flawless user experiences and amazing eye candy interfaces. Give your brand the identity it deserves to be remembered, and the position it needs to be found in this crazy crowd.


“We had our Conos restaurant website made with Dasz, and they captured our essence in the entire design”

Sion Azulay Director at Conos Temakeria

“We worked with Denise and her team to create our new online shopping experience from A to Z. We were thrilled with the design options and how we achieved good UX and UI. Denise's team was able to work with us to make all this possible in code and get a great working final product. We were happy with the project and the results”

Daniel Sultan Director at Compumall

“Working with Dasz was an amazing experience, the company has vast experience in the field of UX/UI, which they clearly demonstrated developing both our webpages in the timetable established, with perfect programming and a slick design. Can´t wait to start new project´s together in the near future”

Daniel Herdan Civil Engineer at HFH Construction
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